Big Eden

7.31 h 58 min2000X-RayPG-13
After hearing that his Grandpa Sam has had a stroke, successful artist Henry leaves his big city life to return to his idyllic birthplace. As he tends to his grandfather, he must also come to terms with his semi-closeted sexuality. Amidst this flurry of painful experiences, he fails to notice the advances of the Pike, a sensitive outdoorsman who also cares for Grandpa Sam.
Thomas Bezucha
Arye GrossEric SchweigTim DeKay
English [CC]
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

Jerry FlackReviewed in the United States on June 25, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Wonderful Love Story!
Verified purchase
Years ago I fell in love with a little-known film on VHS tape titled "Big Eden." I treasured the film, but never dreamed it remained available in DVD format. Unless viewers are homophobic, they will be like me: they will fall in love with this movie about an improbably open and accepting Montana small town community. What is not to like? The sound track features great Western popular song classics. The Montana scenery is breathtaking. Virtually the entire movie was filmed in Glacier National Park with the complete cooperation of the Department of the Interior. Happily (in real life) neither the park officials or local residents objected to the gay romance. In reality, the film is not as much about the love of two men as it is about finding one's self and discovering a feeling of belonging which is universal. All the cast members are superb. Academy Award-Winning Best Actress Louise Fletcher is one of many strong supporting players. The two stars, Arye Gross & Eric Schweig, are superb. This is first of all a wonderful love story. Secondly, the film champions diversity represented by the GLBT community. Thirdly, it is equally a story about love and diversity within that community. This film deserves a far wider audience. It is most definitely a "feel good" film to be watched often. The film views how lovingly Big Eden celebrates special holidays and the sweetness of life itself. The copy that I received from Amazon is actually a two-disc package: the feature film beautifully transferred to DVD plus a second disc with documentary features about the actors, the film, and other commentary.
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Jon CReviewed in the United States on November 27, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I want to give this a 4 start just because the ending is good. In the USA there is an unwritten rule that LGBTQ movies are not allowed to have good endings. It's true, the money backers will not accept a movie that prompts LGBTQ in a positive light. Not sure who actually backed this movie but I am sure it is not the usual Hollywood money backers. Anyway, for this movie I want to say the story is a nice idea. Not enough for almost 2 hours. Yes, Big Eden is a fictitious place. No way would this ever happen in Montanna. Again, a nice idea. I never really liked any of the characters. Pike was the closest I had to almost having some feeling for him. The rest were just not likable in my opinion. The producers should watch some foreign films. Even Asian BL movies made on probably 1/4 of the budget at least present characters that are likeable.
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Bryce Lee WynnReviewed in the United States on April 25, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
Let's take a little journey to Big Eden.
Verified purchase
I used to think that the only way a gay-themed movie could get made is if it was a hyper-sexed over-the-top comedy or an intense drama centered around characters dealing with coming out, homophobia, suicide and/or HIV/AIDS. Big Eden does not fall in either of those camps and it has quickly become one of my favor films in the LGBT-themed genre. Big Eden introduces us to Henry Hart (Arye Gross), an artist, finds himself returning to his small, rural hometown in Montana after receiving a call about his grandfather's failing health. While reluctant to leave New York City and the life he has established there, Henry finds himself drawn back to his roots and is forced to confront his former best friend, Dean Stewart (Tim DeKay) whom he has harbored feeling for since they were both kids, and Pike Dexter (Eric Schweig) a quiet Native American man who has loved Henry from afar. Along the way we meet all of the color people of Henry's hometown as they all band together to bring Henry out of his shell and help him to find love. Yes, it's a sappy, sweet, unrealistic love story devoid of the intense conflict we are all so used to seeing in LGBT-themed films but that's what makes it great. Movies like Latter Days and RENT and Milk are amazing films but sometimes we all just need a little sweetness in our lives. Big Eden is the perfect film for a rainy day at home with a big bowl of popcorn. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I do.
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VincenzoReviewed in the United States on May 16, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Tender and Sweet
Verified purchase
What truly warms my heart about Big Eden is it's set in one of those small towns where EVERYONE knows EVERYONE - and there is not one trace of homophobia or any other nonsense. It's a mix of loving individuals who just resonate such a strong sense of family and community. It's a little cheesy at times - but you can't help get caught up in the fun and craziness of it all. Highly recommend!
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topnoteReviewed in the United States on August 30, 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Disappointed, and sorry that I am
Verified purchase
I want to like this movie, but there are several things that keep me from doing so. It's a fairy tale that's presented as true to life. I can't accept the premise of a whole town that loves the gay guys who grew up and live there. All these down-home folk who encourage them to get together and celebrate their finding the one they love as if it were a part of everyday life is pure fantasy. I don't think in a romantic movie of this sort it's necessary to show the ugly side of human nature, but the conflict between the three guys could have played out without everyone else joining in and making it an unbelievable situation. No one even seems concerned that a guy who had an earlier affair with a school mate married and had kids (doubtful), and now wants to resume the affair with his old buddy. Maybe the town would have been happy if the three guys and made it a menage a trois.
StevyD Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
The title says it all, Big Eden is such a big Eden there is a loving place in it for us all.
Verified purchase
Sure Big Eden is a fable. A fable where everyone acts from their heart, love conquers all and dreams come true. Yep, a big happy heartwarming fable. Often our experience won't let us believe in such a place. Oh, but, but maybe it's there, and it's called Big Eden. In the era this film was made, millions of people, gay and straight suffered devastation and so often death. Would there, could there be a Big Eden of loving welcome and acceptance for us? A paradise that can seem so far away and improbable. A Big Eden so needed, certainly then and certainly even now. Yet will we see it, feel it and allow ourselves to be part of it when it's here? Remember, it's a fable, but sometimes fables are true.
CandyfaireyReviewed in the United States on September 8, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
This is a wonderful movie! It's like the Gay Hallmark movie you didn't know you needed! There are ZERO gay stereotypes. There is no homophobia to be found! It's just a sweet romantic comedy, although sometimes the acting is in fact very reminiscent of a Hallmark movie, so it's not always the best (but don't let that deter you). Another plus one of the main characters is Native American and his character might also be on the autism spectrum. I've seen this referenced as the gay "Sweet Home Alabama" and while it isn't as good as that film, it's a pretty accurate description. Literally this movie is just full of people who care about other people, a true feel good movie.
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Kevin FReviewed in the United States on April 6, 2014
5.0 out of 5 stars
What a place!
Verified purchase
Every time I see this, I get teary eyed. It's not that it's the best gay themed movie I've ever seen, but I just get caught up in rooting for the characters. In this mythical place of Big Eden, it's not about whether you're queer or not, but that you have someone to love and in return, they love you. You have a few concurrent themes going on here. One would be the unrequited love(s) of our youth;did I really love him as a boy/teen, or was it just friendship/hormones? Then you have the theme of an older mentor/relative getting ready to pass on and whether or not you've told them something important about your core self that you think they should know. Finally, you have the theme of baggage that all of us queers carry through life and how it can affect us day-to-day. We try so hard to connect with other souls in this life and so often we just become estranged because of all the 'stuff' we carry inside. This movie not only explores the possibilities out there, but bolsters the time-honored notion that sometimes, our soul mates are right under our noses. The best part of this movie for me anyway, is that the denizens of this town don't trivialize queer relationships, or for that matter any relationships. Nice place this Big Eden, if only.......
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