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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 19, 2019
Pick this book up and package it with audio — you won’t be disappointed! Even if this story stunk, Luke Daniels’ performance would be worth the credit. His comedic timing and grit is a perfect fit for this knight of honor, thief of shadows duo of main characters. Luke is simply amazing.

The fact that the story did not stink is a pleasure to behold for anyone looking for a new fantasy adventure. When I think of reading Fantasy, I tend to remember the pleasure of discovery of new characters and authors, but I rarely take the step to try new ones, preferring instead the tried and true storytellers.

Castle and Bruno are that new author and this series is my new comfort read.

The world is rich enough and the stakes tense from the start that it took a little to get into, but also very quickly hooked me for more. The thief, Whitney is as hilarious as he is sneaky, with some one liners that still crack me up. The knight, Torsten, is an interesting mix of loyal and cut-throat, willing to endure the worst for the sake of his kingdom, yet unwilling to dishonor his God in the process.

I came hoping for a good story. I left having discovered a fascinating new story I can’t wait to enjoy for many hours more.
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