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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 8, 2018
Full of suspense, drama and excitement, this book was more than an enjoyable read. This true book was the story of God…working amazingly in Brother Andrew’s life. Brother Andrew wasn’t interested in God in his early life. In fact, when his family went to church, they assumed Andrew was in the back of the church, but really, he wasn’t in church at all. He would enjoy himself outdoors, and them immediately come back before the service was completed. Later in his life, He faced difficult experiences. Experiences that would make him look into reading a book that was foreign to him…the Bible.

One day, Brother Andrew was saved from his sins, and was ready to live his life for Jesus. God had amazing plans for Brother Andrew, and these plans would change his life, and the lives of others in many different countries. Brother Andrew had a desire to bring God’s Word to others. Throughout this book, there are several trials and scary situations that Brother Andrew faced, but God lovingly guided him along the path He had set for him. This book is faith-building, eye-opening, and perfect for anyone who enjoys a little adventure mixed with a miraculous God-story.
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