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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 24, 2016
I dated (*very briefly) the son of a man who's father was in clandestine employ for the US in the agency created by Donovan. This left me wondering how his father fared all of my adult life for almost 55 years since I last saw this not-very-happy college student. This bio was helpful to me, in a personal way.

This is a fascinating book. A lot of clowns came on line with what was later called "secret agent syndrome", they lied to women they tried to pick up on line claiming they worked for one of the armed forces investigative services or the CIA. The claims were ludicrous to most women, with the exception of the credulously gullible; and if these women had had access to this biography, I think they'd have been roaring with laughter as well. So much of intelligence work begins in the field but ends up mired in a web of bureaucratese, and due to much of the material for this bio, if readers hadn't guessed, we'd know now.
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