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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 2, 2022
This book grabbed me quickly, and the stakes were certainly high enough to keep me interested. You'll find out they're actually as high as they can get. It has one of my favorite supporting characters I've ever read about in a book (I can't explain who without spoiling an unexpected plotline) and it has a slightly unexpected ending. Overall, I did enjoy it quite a bit.

My personal issue with the book is how bogged down it (and I) got in the details. There's so much about technology and astrophysics that it made me put the book down rather easily. I'd read a few pages a night, and not even every night, because it felt like it took forever to get through certain details that I personally did not care about at all. As much as I enjoy science fiction, (mostly Star Wars and Star Trek) I couldn't bring myself to care about how any of this would actually work. I think it certainly made the book more credible, and I think a certain type of reader would absolutely revel in the amount of detail, but honestly, as an average reader, you can kind of gloss over all of it, because while it does push the story along, understanding how all the intricate details of how a spacecraft functions isn't necessarily going to prevent you from getting the story. It just really, really slowed me down. I was reading a novel on Kindle every two weeks up to this point, and this one took me over two months. Some people might go through it a lot faster, and in the end I did think it was worth it, but I'm not sure I'd classify this one as a page turner, though it certainly should be considering what the stakes are.

I thoroughly enjoyed not only the main supporting character, but the interaction between them and the protagonist. I enjoyed that more than any of the actual conflict. I laughed more than once, I looked forward to these interactions, and I may have even cried a tiny bit near the very end when the protagonist makes the most important decision of his life.

I think there are a number of people that will absolutely love this book, and some that will feel like me. If anyone just straight up dislikes it, they most likely let the details drag them down too far, and that's a real shame, because there's a wonderful and unexpected friendship under it all, that made it more than worth the time it took me to read it all.
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