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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 7, 2012
To My Sons,

The story of Adam Brown is about learning to love others more than you love yourself. Adam Brown is a Navy SEAL who was killed in Afghanistan while attacking an enemy compound. His story is important because it shows how people can redeem themselves and that being a Christian does not mean you are weak. I've often thought about how to live as a Christian man and how to over come my many short comings. Adam's story demonstrates that faith is for everyone and that when you forget yourself you become Fearless.

"Nothing can take my spirit from me, exclude your spirit, let it shine for all to see." Adam Brown

Adam discovered faith when he was in jail. He had hit rock bottom, living in crack houses and robbing his friends and parents to pay for his crack addiction. With nothing but the clothes on his back and support from family and friends who still supported him Adam turned away from his addiction and put all his trust in Christian faith. Adam learned to trust in the Lord with all his heart and in all his ways acknowledged him. He went to Christian rehab, became a speaker for faith and after having a few setbacks joined the Navy to become a SEAL.

The key lesson Adam learned during this time was that you can overcome many things in life, including injuries and setbacks. Just come back more determined and try harder. This lesson served him well during his career and helped him overcome multiple career ending injuries.

You do what is right every time, not matter what.

As a Christian Adam knew that God is watching us all the time. Knowing this Adam became a Christian warrior. While on deployment in AFG Adam shared his food and give shoes to kids, making a lasting positive impression even on the enemy. He also helped the lower ranking guys with the trash, remember God is watching ALL the time not just when others are watching you. Showing his respect of others no matter what the rank or social standing. He said being a Christian made his life easier as because it gave him a high standard to live by and only gave him the choice to do the right thing.

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I love reading books about great people, and this book was more instructive than most. Adam was a real person with more faults than others. But unlike most people he was able to overcome himself to learn to care for others more than he cared for himself. This made him great. This is why he was a beloved person in his community and how he made a difference. Being a member of the SEALs wasn't he greatest accomplishment. Adam true mission was to show that faith is for the strong and the weak. He was weak when he discovered Christ, but it wasn't until he was strong that he could learn to live the disciplined and joyous life as a Christian. I have used this book a stepping stone in my own journey of faith. I know that Christians aren't weak, they are strong, forceful and Fearless.
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