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Reviewed in the United States on February 4, 2018
Fearless is a story that will suck you into the life of a man who was so much more than a special operator. And when it is done with you, your faith in the human spirit, your hope for the future will be refreshed. Brown demonstrates in vivid truth, that redemption is not beyond reach. The sub-title refers to "undaunted", which is, in my mind not accurate. Brown, according to the author, surrendered his hope. Even so, from such depths, often with the support and love of others, crawled from death, back to life , setting example after heroic example.
The takeaways from this book are numerous. For me, chief among them remains that when it comes to the human spirit, there is no depth that we can fall from which we cannot rise. Given the chance, we should endeavor to lift-up those in our lives.
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