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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 16, 2019
I enjoyed the chapters about the BUD/S training, and that’s about it. For a guy who repeatedly claims not to make this book political, he sure does write it to obviously appeal to far right conservatives. Blaming the “liberal media” for focusing on civilians dying overseas is so short sighted. It’s ALL media, dude. Whenever the US military does something in poor taste overseas, ALL media outlets report it. Furthermore, he also mentions that he doesn’t like how American photographers that get KIA are seen as heroes and SEALS are disregarded- again, these photographers signed up to take pictures, SEALS signed up to protect and serve. Huge difference.

All I took from this book was a far right conservative who was beat by his father(but he can’t admit it to himself) wants extra recognition for something he signed up to do. I respect the SEALS and their service, but Marcus is not humble about it at all, which has now put a poor taste in my mouth and affected my perception of SEALS. My advice to the author is to be humble about his service, and understand that when it comes to politics, both sides do not care about him, and there is sufficient proof to defend that.
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