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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 10, 2019
I don’t actually read a lot of Fantasy, preferring Sci-Fi, but being a fan of Rhett Bruno’s work, I had to have a read, and the premise of the book sounded interesting as well. This book is just a lot of fun, with some good characters, an excellent story and I have to say, I liked the blood magic. There are some that may not consider this 'Hard Core Fantasy', but that is always the case with this type of book. Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride, and enjoy the humour, this is most definitely worth the read.
The main story involves a young prince who has a particular item with him, a Drav Cra Doll, that it is believed when crafted properly can contain the bearers soul. An evil magic user, who uses something called ‘blood-magic’ which was an interesting concept in the story, takes the Princes doll, as well as cursing the child. The Queen, who is now in command as the King has passed commands that anyone who can should try and find this doll.
They live in what is known as ‘The Glass Kingdom’, and guarding them are the Kings Guard, and at the head of the Kings Guard, is the Wearer of White, Sworn Protector of the Glass Kingdom, in this story a Knight known as Torsten Unger.
Torsten vows to get the doll back, but not without help.
So that is the kind of serious part of the story, and then we have the less serious part, in which we have Whitney Firestown, and whoever had the fun of writing him, it is a culmination of so many different humourous characters, all rolled into one. At times he is a little over done, but you can look past that for the sheer fun he brings to the story. Whitney is the (Insert Air Quotes), Greatest Thief in the known Kingdom, and through a series of events, is cornered into going with Torsten.
Their goal isn’t quite so easy though, as they have to enter some dreaded wood, in which a horrendous Spider creature of your worst nightmares lives, feeding on anything she can, but preferably humans. It is kind of like Shelob meets Medusa.
There are several other characters as well, but one of note is Sora, Whitneys childhood friend, who he has not seen in a while, but he runs into and she ends up coming along. She is also a ‘Blood Mage’, and this gives the story a few extra twists, but a somewhat familiar ending.
Overall, there are some good concepts, some fun things, some downright gruesome and horrendous things, and some good fantasy adventure. The fight scenes are well played out, and the story is an easy and enjoyable read.
As I said, I don’t do a lot of Fantasy, but after finishing this, I went and got parts 2 and 3, as I knew I was going to enjoy them. For those who want a good adventure story, some good characters (well Whitney is more funny than good!), and something that you don't want to meet in a dark alley, (or a haunted wood), this is is most definitely worth the read!!
The narration on this is just outstanding, Luke Daniels continues to be a stand-out as one of the best narrators on the Audible list today. His range of voices is just incredible, and his clarity and ease of listening make him a joy to listen to regardless of what he is doing. With this he brought to life the gruff Knight Torsten, the Queen who is both a sociopathic Queen, but also a distressed Mother, and lets not forget Whitney. My favourite though would be Sora, who he managed to create with her own special charm and mystique. Daniels is brilliant, and adds even more life to the story giving it an extra edge I don’t think it had with the written word.
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