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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 26, 2021
With the proliferation of first person, common-soldier accounts it is easy to assume this style of history is becoming a bit worn. Fortunately, this book which was first published in 2008 breathes new life into this genre. While it is full of action and memorable characters, the authors' ability to develop these characters while keeping track of the local situation and putting the conflict in its global Cold War context is outstanding. In a very crisp, flowing narrative you come to know these characters backgrounds, their individual and group struggles during some of the war's most brutal fighting, and then are treated with excellent summaries of each men's lives (very much in Paul Harvey's "and that's the rest of the story" style). The American military's breakout from encirclement by Chinese Communist Forces in the Chosin Reservoir area was a mixed bag at best with Army units disintegrating into small groups of armed men and the Marines succeeding to remain in cohesive units albeit suffering great casualties as well. I have previously read accounts of both Army and Marine Corps units in this action, but I must say this book is the best written of them all. I highly recommend The Last Stand of Fox Company to anyone interested in people's reactions to extreme situations, the Korean War, United States Marine Corps history, or just military history in general.
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