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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 29, 2022
Upgraded from Fire 7 Kids tablet, 16 GB, (2019 release). Major improvements!

First, the battery life is fantastic. The Fire 7 would drain its battery in a single day if not left on a charger. I tried messing with every setting without success. The kids use the new Fire 8 for a while, leave it off, then use again, and it's still at like 90% charge the next day.

2nd, there is finally a setting for volume control limits!!!! This was the biggest cause of arguments. 2 kids who want their tablet the loudest. Now you can limit the volume.

USB-C charging, so I think I can finally get rid of my micro-USB cables and use the same USBC i have for everything else already.

32GB will definitely come in handy. I was constantly being warned on the old tablets about full memory, but most of the junk you cannot clear out. The only way to fix them was factory reset, and then they would fill up again. Between kids taking videos and instantly downloading any app they click on, memory gets chewed up fast.

Finally, transferring all data from the previous fire to the new one was so easy. No cables required.

One wish - that Amazon would not let them download any app immediately without anything but a single touch. They don't understand the concept of ROM. Sometimes they push things by accident and I have to uninstall it.
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