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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 26, 2019
We heard this lady tell her story in an audio version about 90 minutes long. We couldn't turn it off. We bought the book knowing that we'd get more details and it did not disappoint. We like to read books out loud to the whole family and it was difficult to get through it as the pages kept blurring with the tears which kept spilling over. We lost family in WWII and this book put so many things into perspective. If you ever feel that you can't go on in your current circumstances because you believe that you've gotten a raw deal, read this book. It will adjust your perspective and make you grateful that there are examples like this amazing lady who have shared our planet with us. Although she is now gone, her story will last for many generations, I trust. You'll want to buy many copies and hand them out as gifts to those who you know will read it. It's THAT good.
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