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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 20, 2017
I got this book figuring it would be an adventure story of how discreet missionaries are doing God's work in China. However, once I got into it a few sections, I realized it was that and more. The book's insights are proving immediately applicable to my life, with valuable ideas about living and sharing faith in any diverse culture, including here in the US where I live.
It was fascinating to read her ways of sharing the Good News with secular atheists, Buddhists, Muslims and others, by learning "to think like they think in order to make the gospel appealing." As Grace wrote: "I couldn’t start from my way of thinking and expect them to make the transition—almost definitely they wouldn’t. I had to make the switch and think like they did."
The book is filled with engaging personal testimony, accounts of God's miraculous works, and lessons learned in many different ministry settings. Grace writes in a sincere, naturally interesting way that drew me into the book and kept me eager to read what would come next. I particularly appreciated the splendid imagery, to let me visualize the country & people.
I thought the author's use of her 48 vignettes was masterful. If ever I were to take on writing to share some of my own life stories & lessons-learned with my kids & grandkids, this is the way I'd try to do it!
Oh yes: you'll have to read the book to learn why "Lazy waitresses are ideal for secret Christian training. "
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