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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 6, 2019
The book is a refresher of the BAT 21 mission. It's told from different perspectives ranging from the airmen who were flying watch over downed flight navigator Hambleton's journey to freedom, Tom Norris, the Navy Seal who risked his life to save Hambleton, to the Vietnamese commando that worked with Norris. It also touches on the other downed airmen that were captured and held as POW's in their attempts to save Hambleton. Author Talty also touches on the lives of those lost trying to save Hambleton, and at times asks the question "Were those lost lives necessary in the course of saving just one man?" I thought that was a nice touch and gave a "human" feel to the story. Not just a blood n guts war story where everyone wins medals. Although Norris did get a Medal of Honor for this mission, it was for much more than just saving Hambleton. Overall the book was a good read. Anyone familiar with the story knows how it ends. If you don't know the BAT 21 mission history, pick it up, its a good read. If you do know it, and want a different point of view, it will hold your attention and maybe provide some info you weren't aware of.
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