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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 9, 2020
I bought this King James Holy Bible specifically for home. I wanted to have the biggest print I could find for easy daily reading. This one thus far is the best print I've ever read to this day. I only trust the KING JAMES HOLY BIBLE. No other. All my sweet exhaustive research I've done reveals that this truly is the perfectly preserved word of God in the English language.

So this specific one here by Thomas Nelson is the most beautiful and the reason why I say that is not because of the cover alone, but because of the pages between the covers. The print is done in what they call the "Thomas Nelson comfort print". It's a font specifically designed for the Authorized King James Holy Text. And what it does, is makes the words smoothly readable without effort or straining. I have no idea how they've achieved this but it works. It's the only Holy book I have that I can read and it's like butter for my eyes. It's as if the letters are hovering above the paper itself. I can smoothly glide my eyes through the text as easy as an eagle gliding over the surface of the ocean. Without any weight of effort.

With that being said, combine that with the size of this Holy Book and it is quintessential! It's a Super Giant Print. Not Giant... Super Giant. I think when I first bought this a year ago, I brought it with me to church approximately two times. But after that just took my smaller portable one. That's the one I take with me everywhere, to work, church, park etc. But once I get home and I'm going to read, this is the one I enjoy. Like I said, the comfort print is so beautiful it makes it even more enjoyable. Nothing is worse than actually wanting to read the word of God daily because you're actually Born again and have a passionate desire to read God's words to you and want to be that man in PSALMS 1, to then have to struggle because the text you're reading is either too small or the print is not pleasant to the eyes. It doesn't invite you to read. Not because you're spiritual level is decreasing but simply because the Bible you have was not manufactured with the same effort and attention to detail as this one is. That's all.

The point is, this Holy Book was specifically manufactured with the reader in mind. It was given attention to detail. And I recommend it to all Christians. It makes reading and studying so much more enjoyable. The cover is smooth and plush to the touch. Lays flat as it is says. I personally don't take it with me to church because it's big. But that's okay, I bought it for home. Home is where I do the most studying anyway. Thomas Nelson did make a new Premium Collection King James Holy Bible that is so beautiful and smaller than this one that I absolutely love but the only thing that has stopped my from buying it is that the words of Christ are not in red, and that's just something I'm just so used to. Not that it's bad or anything like that, it's just me personally. Ugh, I'm torn with that because it's so beautiful. Looks alot like this one. Who knows, maybe I'll get it anyway. I'm torn. May God bless ye. May you find His perfectly preserved holy words between quality covers and beautifully printed, so that you may read daily and be like the man in PSALMS chapter one. Godspeed.
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