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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 29, 2017
Dragon Ride is an excellent contribution to the understanding of contemporary Chinese culture and politics, as well as a segment of Evangelical Christianity in the USA. It is largely a series of autobiographical episodes in the life of the author and her family in the context of intense interaction for nearly thirty years with Chinese people of Hong Kong and mainland China. The author and her husband hail from two separate locations on the American East Coast but share a common call to introduce their Christian faith to Chinese people. They have learned to speak fluently two largely different Chinese dialects, and have engaged the diverse peoples in Hong Kong, in large urban mainland Chinese centers and in the relative rural Chinese backwaters, including people from some non-Han minority groups. They have grown to love and appreciate the various peoples and their cultures and to develop ways of communication which are respectful of those peoples’ sensitivities. The author comes across as an intense, sincere, energetic, devout, and refreshingly transparent Christian woman. The book’s episodes highlight her attempts, successful and unsuccessful, to evangelize her non-Christian Chinese acquaintances, consistent with Jesus Christ's Great Commission found in the Bible in Matthew 28:18-20. The direct writing style is clearly the voice of the author. The book is easy to read and is conveniently divided into relatively short episodic chapters. It heavily uses the jargon of evangelical protestant Christians and therefore it will be quite familiar and comfortable to them. It may be misunderstood and even be off-putting to those not from those communities. Nevertheless this book will be of value to both Christians and non-Christians. Christians will find the stories inspirational and encouraging. To Christians and non-Christians alike it will provide valuable insights into modern Chinese culture, which has immense worldwide importance. At this time of national polarization and misunderstanding, for non-Christians or casual Christians it will give insights into some of the values and mindsets of a large number of their neighbors and fellow citizens, and this perhaps may be useful for personal bridge building.
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