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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 17, 2013
What can on really say about a book such as this one? On one level, it's incredibly sad to see the story of young lives ripped away when many would say it's too soon and it was a waste. On another, it uplifting to see the incredible faith and strength that these families displayed through the difficulties of missionary work and the devastation of losing the men in their lives. I think it would be hard to read this book as an unbeliever and take much from it beyond that it was a senseless tragedy. Looking at it from my perspective though, I find it challenging and something that everyone who calls themselves a Christian should read at least once in their life to experience what these families went through.

There's just not much to say about this book really. It seems to me one of those books that you need to experience rather than just read and sometimes a review doesn't do it justice
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