Kathleen Osborne

About the Author

Kathleen Osborne's focus is on Sci-Fi Romance set in the present time and short stories of various genres. She lives with her husband of 45 years, and they're four-legged 'girls' - Sugar and Gigi - who run the house. Together they have two children - Angella and Joseph, who have five children between them. In November 2021, they welcomed their 2nd great grandson into their extended family. She lives at an elevation over 6000 feet in the White Mountains of northeastern Arizona. Has created an avid interest in baking. And imbibed her with a desire for new recipes for high altitude. When asked how does she get her stories out so quickly in Kindle Vella, her reply was, "My husband is my greatest encourager and my biggest fan, that said he is also quick to point out any errors in a manuscript. Just as he is with helping in my research. We are a team." She just announced her newest book, Hidden Dragons, on Kindle Vella will have its first chapter posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. She is working on a video and audio excerpt from it. I will post it on her website and here as soon as it is done. You can find out more about her and the team she works with for the Anthologies she prints, too, by going to her website (www.kosborne-author.com) and the Transcendent Author's site (www.transcendent-authors.com).

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