Maggie Moore

About the Author

Widowhood is a moment of rebirth, to integrate your spouse’s legacy while you create a life you love. In The Voyage and the Return, and her coaching practice Maggie explodes myths about widowhood. Her story that is an intimate snapshot of crippling tragedy and a clarion call of hope. She says “A spouse’s death shatters your life into pieces like a dropped vase. You can’t reconstruct the life you had….but it is a chance to build a new mosaic from the pieces of the old life and create something new and vibrant.” The death of her husband John suddenly in an auto accident in 2014 detonated the life she knew, catapulting her into an alternate universe of widowhood- one that no one prepares you for. You learn who you are when you lose who you were. It’s a moment to evolve and become a truer version of yourself. As a Speaker, Author, The Widow Coach & Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, Maggie Moore uses practical tools of her Widowed Navigator ® and Widowed Compass® training to manage the widowed process, enabling transformational coaching from the inside out. She’s been featured as an expert guest on podcasts like Widowed But Not Alone. As a sought-after speaker for business service, church and community conferences, she warmly educates about how to help the grieving. Maggie provides professional development education to estate attorneys, business and HR leaders, financial planners, wealth managers, business and professional associations in meetings or as a conference speaker.

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